2016 TEI Open House concentrates on education, safety products and new drilling products

Once again TEI Rock Drills will hold their annual open house September 20-22 in beautiful Montrose, Colorado.  Every year people from around the world gather to trade stories, learn new techniques and meet with old friends and also make some new friends.  The TEI open house is built to help the owners and managers of construction drilling and mining companies improve their business.  The open house is not a sales presentation but a chance to learn about our industry and to meet with your peers in business.  TEI brings in experts from around the world to share their knowledge with open house guests.

The event is two and a half-days long with an opening reception the first night.  This gives our guests the chance to meet and relax in the hotel after traveling.  On Wednesday morning there is a companion day-tour to Telluride while the rest of us go to the factory.  Educational presentations are in the morning with nice coffee breaks and a tour of the TEI factory.  After a satisfying lunch there will be equipment demonstrations in TEI’s large testing area.  Then again on Thursday morning there will be educational presentations, then after lunch guests can decide to operate the equipment or visit one of the many beautiful sites around Montrose.  And of course every night is topped off by a sumptuous meal and hearty discussions.

1st Rod handler at TEI 6-16This year TEI will focus on new drills but more on what we call our “safety products”.  TEI has two new products built to improve the health and safety of our workers.  First, we have the dust-suppression system which can knock-out up to 98% of dust as a simple add-on unit to any drill rig.  Then to address the problem of heavy drill pipes and casings for workers, TEI has developed a casing-handler that will load and remove drill pipe and casing simultaneously on an anchor rig.  The new casing-handler is a simple clip-on attachment for mini-excavators.

The new drills from TEI in 2016 are the TE565 drifter designed for mining and tunneling industries.  The low profile and reduced torque make this a great sized drifter for production drilling.  There will be a demonstration on the installation of 152mm casing with both percussion and rotary style casings.  The new RDS1004 rotary and the new TE1000 drifter will be used for the installations.  With the addition of the new “safety products” TEI will be able to demonstrate equipment that is designed to quickly and safely install micropile and anchor elements.

2016 is also an exciting year for our educational offerings at the open house.  Jeff Hermanson the chief mountain carver at The Crazy Horse Memorial will give everyone an update on how the memorial is coming along and what new devices TEI and Crazy Horse have collaborated on to continue sculpting the mountain.  Silica is a four-letter word these days and the new safety director from the ADSC, Rick Marshall, is coming out to talk about the dangers of silica, what the new OSHA regulations mean to you and what types of safety products are available to protect your workers.  There are many, many more presentations that will interest all of our guests.  But you will have to come to Montrose this September to find out what else we have in store.

Of course to finish off every night TEI hosts wonderful dinners.  The reception Tuesday night is very casual and held at the hotel to make it easy to go back to your room if you wish.  Wednesday is held at the Bridge’s Gold Resort up on the second level with a large veranda looking out at the sun setting on the San Juan Mountain Range.  And the final night is always a favorite with a big dinner served up western style at our very own old west saloon.  Yup, put on yer hats and boots because we are going to have fun with Joe, Glenn and the band playing all your favorite songs.

The annual TEI open house is a great experience to all that attend.  Please be our guest and let us help you improve your business, all while having a great time with friends in Colorful Colorado.

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First Hollow Bar Seminar Held in Columbus, NC.

TEI Rock Drills and their distributor Foothills Drilling Equipment recently completed a hollow bar seminar May 3-4 at Foothills’ facility in Columbus, NC.  This was held in response to many of our eastern USA customers asking for a shorter version of the hollow bar school and specifically for owners and estimators.  The seminar was very similar to the popular hollow bar installation school held at the TEI factory except that the seminar did not offer instruction on the operation of the drilling and grouting equipment and did not cover testing of hollow bars.  The seminar provided instruction only and a demonstration of hollow bar installation.


The presenters were industry professionals and many of the same people teaching at the school including Allen Cadden from Schnabel Engineering covering the testing of hollow bars and Eberhard Heinemann covering the grouting.  Joe Patterson and Billy Allery came from the TEI factory to teach and also to oversee the event and keep it up to the high standards of a TEI event.  An opening reception was held at the hotel the night before the seminar to allow everyone to get acquainted and pick-up their classroom materials for the next day.


The seminar topics covered the TEI hollow bar installation method, hollow bar sizes and capacities, grouting, hollow bar job from quote to payment and testing methods for hollow bars.  To keep things interesting Kevin Day of Axiom Foundation and Michael Miluski from CGC Inc. gave their unbridled recommendations and experiences for contractors getting into the hollow bar business.  In the middle of all this classroom work a nice BBQ lunch was catered by Foothills Drilling Equipment.  After the last presentation everyone went outside to witness a hollow bar micropile installed from beginning to end.  The demonstration used a TEI MME260HT mini-excavator drill and an Obermann VS63 grout plant.


All 30 attendees were very satisfied with the first TEI hollow bar seminar.  All agreed that this was a great way to become initiated to the popular construction method and gain some good contacts for future questions and opinions.  It is safe to say we will be holding this seminar again next year at Foothills and probably a few other places around the world.  At TEI we always strive to help our customers become successful.  This hollow bar seminar along with our other schools and annual Open House give TEI customers that chance to learn and mingle with other contractors performing the same work around the world.


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TEI Rock Drills exhibits at Bauma 2016

TEI Rock Drills is pleased to have completed their seventh Bauma exhibition this past week in Munich Germany.  As anyone who has attended a Bauma can attest, there is nothing like it in the world.  This year was no different breaking attendance records for visitors and exhibitors.  A total of 700,000 people descended on Munich for one week to experience the world’s largest construction and mining expo.

It is difficult to stand out during Bauma and TEI did our best to present our American made drifters and drilling equipment.  The process starts in January with the Bauma Media Event to introduce TEI to all of the world’s construction and mining magazines.  New this year during the media event was the Bauma Open Innovation Platform in which TEI was first company to take advantage of this opportunity.  The Open Platform allows over 3 million people to contribute ideas on TEI products.  If you have not done so already you can check out this amazing innovation at this link https://openinnovation.bauma.de/TEIRockDrills/DrillAll lots of interesting ideas from around the world.  One advantage of participating the Open Platform is that TEI was featured on the Bauma home page throughout the expo, keeping our face in front of all attendees.

During the expo the TEI Rock Drills stand was very busy from early until late in the day.  We were honored to have every one of our distributors working the TEI stand.  There was Skelair from England, DDE from South Africa, GSS Titan from Central America, IMOCOM from Colombia, Autana from Chile, Ougan from China, Betongakuten from Sweden, STM from Southern Asia and Champion Equipment from the United States.  There were many interesting conversations in many languages in the TEI stand.  As TEI moves over the 50% mark in exporting we value the help and support of our distributors and valued this time together.

On display during the Bauma were the TE160 HEX, TE260HT, TE360, TE560 and TE1000 drifters along with a Brokk 400D sporting the famous HEM excavator drill from TEI.  There were also two drills in the Brokk stand at Bauma, as always we are glad to have this relationship with Brokk around the world to supply drills on their limited access remote carriers.  The Bauma is important to TEI in order to show the world that some of the best drifters drilling equipment in the world come from Montrose, Colorado USA.

We hope to see everyone again at Bauma 2019 again in Munich.  We will again have our great display of TEI equipment, our famous hospitality and music, and most importantly a warm place to get away from the craziness that is Bauma to relax and speak English

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TEI drifters in China

It’s been a very busy fall here at TEI and recently Glenn Patterson completed a sales and service trip to China with the TEI distributor Ougan. The main purpose of this visit was to commission the first TE1000s on the new Yutong anchor/micropile rigs. Yutong was impressed with the ASA system used in TEI drifters and were excited to use the American built drifters on their drill rigs. The Automatic Stroke Adjustment does exactly what it says; all TEI drifters will reduce the frequency and energy of the percussion impact when the drill string is not engaged with the ground or rock. Glenn stayed with Yutong for two days explaining the differences between the American TEI drifter and the European build drifters. In the end all of the technical departments at Yutong were satisfied with the TE1000 and were ready to operate the machine. As you can see the first TE1000 drifters at Yutong are on anchor rigs built for the Chinese military Engineering Corps. TEI is looking forward to a continued relationship with Yutong in the future and providing many more American made products for use on their drill rigs.

Glenn also visited other drill rig manufacturers as well as TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) manufacturers and also manufacturers of the hollow bar micropile system. A very busy two weeks flying around China to build TEI business. TEI is finding success in China as a supplier of OEM components to Chinese manufacturers. The Chinese manufacturers are very capable of building their own drill rigs but prefer to use American or European components to build a better quality rig. TEI has been busy meeting with these manufacturers to show how using the TEI American Drifters it is possible for them to build a better drill rig. So far things are moving well and increasing as time goes by. TEI would like to again thank our distributor Ougan for working hard to prepare these meetings and making them a success. TEI is proud to send our products to the Asian market.

TE1000 drifter installed on a new anchor at the Yutong factory in China.

TE1000 drifter installed on a new anchor at the Yutong factory in China.

We still got a little red on that drifter!

We still got a little red on that drifter!

2015 TEI Hollow Bar Installation School Completed

The American drill manufacturer TEI Rock Drills held their annual hollow bar installation school this past June at their facility in Montrose, Colorado. Over the years this school has grown in popularity, selling out the past six years. Because of this popularity TEI changed the format of the 2015 school to accommodate more students and instructors. Attendees were treated to 2 ½ days of intense hands-on training as well as classroom instruction by the top manufacturers and engineers in the hollow bar industry. The comradely that carries through the school and beyond is evident in the comments we receive and the popularity of the TEI hollow bar school.

The school has been held the first week of June for nine consecutive years. TEI Rock Drills gives great importance to the success of their customers and specific training is invaluable to the success of everyone. 2015 is the first year that the school attendees were split in half. Each team was given their own safety shirts, either green or orange. In the morning team orange would be in the classroom and in the afternoon they would switch with team green and move outside to the equipment. In all each color group was divided up into four smaller groups, with each group taking a turn at every drill and grout plant. This allowed every attendee more time with each piece of equipment than ever before, greatly improving the school experience.

hollow bar school 2015 053 copy IMG_3916 IMG_3936

The hollow bar school is presented as a neutral event were all manufacturers put competition aside and work together to promote the safe and correct installation of hollow bar micropiles and soil nails. TEI Rock Drills provided their popular HEM excavator drill and the new TD100 electric limited access drill. Contech Systems along with Ischebek Gmbh provided the Titan 40 bars used on the excavator drill while Williams Form Engineering provided their 76mm Geo-Drill bar for the TD100 electric drill. Contech Systems and Williams also sponsored the Wednesday night dinner reception for the entire school. The grouting equipment for the school was supplied by Chemgrout and Oberman Gmbh. Each manufacturer had their own training personnel, which allowed attendees to get direct answers about all the equipment.

Inside the TEI warehouse there is a classroom. This is where we did the deskwork and held our lunches. The classroom instruction included grouting, drilling, testing procedures, case studies, maintenance and a hands-on assembly and testing of a drifter. All of this information is compiled into a notebook that attendees take home to use in their future work. The combination of classroom and fieldwork has proven to be the most effective way to teach the installation of hollow bars. “This is the best school or class I have ever attended”, “the knowledge of the instructors was great, there wasn’t a question that didn’t get answered”, “we want to come back next year”, these are the typical comments we get every year.

Not everything was all work. In the evenings group dinners were held allowing each participant to discuss the day with his fellow attendees. These are the times that bring home the best part of the school. True, all the attendees learn and take home a great reference manual to use in the future. But the best part of any TEI event is the contacts and friendships that are made and built upon every year. The chance to meet and work with other contractors looking to do the same thing as you, in their own part of the world is a class event.  This is what truly makes the TEI hollow bar school something special.

TEI Rock Drills wants to thank all of the 17 instructors and 38 attendees for another great school. We apologize to the people that couldn’t register but we keep the school at this size to maintain the quality of the experience. This unique school combines the best people and equipment of our industry every year. And yes, we already have a list of attendees started for the 2016 TEI hollow bar installation school.

TEI Rock Drills awarded ISO 9001:2008

ISO JPEGTEI Rock Drills has recently been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification to “design, manufacture and assemble rock drills, drilling attachments and limited access rigs.” For those not familiar with what an ISO certification is and why it is important let me explain. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization a voluntary group headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. This group develops international standards used by 164 member countries to facilitate world trade by providing common standards between member nations. The goal is to “develop a quality management system that will consistently provide product that meets customer and regulatory requirements.”

Just as it sounds this is a long process with many reviews and inspections. Some companies choose not to bother with ISO certification and feel that it is a waste of time. TEI however, has always been committed to being the very best at what we do and ISO is part of that.

Donna Rousse

Donna Rousse

The process of acquiring ISO certification took almost two years and was spearheaded by TEI production manager, Donna Rousse. Donna did her best to hold monthly meetings with all department heads to make sure that things were on track. Processes had to be documented, edited and organized for everything from brochures to waste steel removal. “Although these processes and meetings were at times difficult the benefit to TEI in the end was invaluable” says Rousse.

One of the big reasons for TEI obtaining ISO certification is the ability to work directly with other manufacturers. TEI supplies drill rigs and components to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) suppliers, The United States Military and partners for special projects with contractors. The ISO certification means that all of the parties involved are “equal” and use the same documentation method enabling the most efficient integration of all the pieces. TEI can email a print to another manufacturer and they can incorporate our print to make the initial drawings and also have the comfort of knowing that all of TEI’s processes are documented similar to their own processes.

TEI thanks Donna and all of our employees who “bought-in” to establishing the ISO system for our manufacturing. This system will continue to guide TEI’s growth in the future, enhancing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of this system.

TEI Hollow Bar Drill School 2015 – SOLD OUT!

Every year TEI hosts a specialized drilling school on the installation and testing of hollow bar micropiles and soil nails.  This school combines detailed classroom work with hands on field training.  Each attendee is given a textbook covering all the material from drill and grouting to testing the final product.  TEI uses our network to bring the best instructors available to teach our courses.

TEI Hollow Bar School Attendees

TEI Hollow Bar School Attendees

The course is divided into four parts: drilling, grouting, practical use and testing.  All of this is packed into a 2 ½-day course that will leave you with expanded knowledge of hollow bars and also a new network of colleagues in the drilling field to help grow your business in the future.

The drilling part of the course, as with all parts, begins with a classroom explanation of the main points for installing hollow bars.  A presentation showing what to do and what can go wrong is presented to get attendees familiar with the installation of hollow bars.  An emphasis on quality and attention to detail is present throughout the entire course.  After lunch in the TEI warehouse all attendees are encouraged to use the HEM excavator drills to build on what was taught earlier in the classroom.  There is plenty of time for everyone to get as much time on the drills as desired.

Eberhard Heinzemann teaches grouting

Eberhard Heinzemann teaches grouting

The grouting portion of the hollow bar school is taught by Eberhard Heinzemann of GSS Titan in Panama City, Panama.  Eberhard is well known in the industry not just for his expertise in all forms of grouting but also his extensive knowledge of hollow bars.  We are honored to have Eberhard share his knowledge with all of the attendees.  As with the drill rigs there are two grout plants for all attendees to get themselves dirty and familiar with grouting.

The practical portion consists of contractor case studies and “walking” through a job from beginning to end, demonstrating how to bid, win, construct and complete a hollow bar job.  The case studies are presented by contractors installing the hollow bar system either for earth retention or micropiles for foundation repair.  These case studies are very informative and always give rise to long discussions.

And of course no job is complete without testing verification of the completed work.  Top engineers are brought to Montrose to instruct students on the proper methods of testing micropiles and soil nails.  TEI keeps it’s own testing equipment calibrated and on site so that this extremely important area of construction is never overlooked.

Come to TEI this June 2-4 to experience the wealth of information dispersed during the annual TEI Hollow Bar School.  You will leave with better information for your business and with lots of new friends with the same interests as you.

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TE160 provides safer drilling with BROKK

 DSCN1691 copy

New TE160 Hydraulic Drifter Takes

Brokk Power and Safety to Cramped Worksites


Brokk remote-controlled demolition equipment brings Goliath-sized drilling power in a David-sized package for mining, demolition and tunneling applications with the latest TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills

The new drill attachment is far superior to the alternative for drilling in cramped spaces, jackleg drills. The Brokk/TEI combination eliminates fatigue caused by operating the heavy handheld tools, improves overall drilling accuracy and promotes safety by allowing operators to stand farther away from the drilling site.

“Heavy jackleg drills are difficult to move and can quickly wear out the operator. With the Brokk machine and this drill head, they won’t tire so easily,” said Peter Bigwood, vice president of sales and marketing at Brokk. “Instead, they can run powerful drilling equipment in tunnels, mines and demolition sites for longer and from safe distances.”

When miners use jackleg drills for drilling 1 5/8-inch diameter holes for blasting, for example, they stand within 3 feet of the working surface, which puts them at risk of being hit by water-propelled, fractured rocks or falling debris. They also have to strain against jackleg drills for long

periods of time, and the exertion can lead to injuries and inaccurately drilled holes. With a Brokk machine and the TE160 attachment, they can consistently drill to 20-foot depths while standing well out of harm’s way.

Operators can take the 45-inch-tall Brokk 160 units into areas with 6-foot height clearances, which make them great for workspaces with little headroom. In addition, when the arms and stabilizer legs are folded in, the Brokk 160 is less than 31 inches wide, narrow enough to fit through doorways or onto elevators at demolition sites.

At just under 26 inches long, the TE160 is the smallest drill attachment from TEI, yet it packs a punch. The TE160 delivers 35 to 60 foot-pounds of impact energy at 5,000 to 6,500 blows per minute. The drill also produces 100 pound-feet of torque and reaches rotation speeds of up to 250 rpm, which makes it an accurate and faster alternative to jackleg drilling through brick, concrete and rock.

In addition to enhancing safety, power and speed, the new drill attachment complements other Brokk attachments to make the Brokk machines more versatile. For example, demolition crews can use the Brokk 100 or Brokk 160 with the TEI attachment to bore 2-inch-diameter holes for splitter or cracking agents in non-explosive demolition applications. They can then quickly switch out the drill for a hydraulic breaker, shear or bucket to size and remove debris.

The hydraulic TE160 drill attachment is also quieter than pneumatic handheld alternatives. This allows construction crews to use the equipment in locations where noise-control ordinances are in effect, such as in and around apartment buildings and high-rise towers.

Brokk also makes the new drill easy to handle by integrating its controls into the Brokk machines’ control systems. “Operators can control the Brokk and the TEI drill with a single control rather than one for the machine and one for the attachment,” Bigwood said. “This makes the Brokk and drill combination more convenient and practical, and also frees up an extra worker who normally would be required to operate the second control.”

TEI Rock Drills and Brokk have a world wide agreement to offer quality drills in remote and limited access job sites.



The TE300 drifters will be discontinued in 2016

This notice is for all TEI customers still using the old TE300 and TE300HT hydraulic drifters.  2015 is the fnal year that TEI will support these models.  Our TE350 and TE360 have proved themselves to be a great improvement in technology and TEI will continues to develop this line of drifters in the future.

If any TEI customers are still running the TE300 or TE300HT drifters please contact TEI to hear about our upgrade program from the TE300 to the new TE360.

TEI thanks all of our long-time customers that have made our business successful over the past 35 years.