TEI Hollow Bar Drill School 2014

Every year TEI hosts a specialized drilling school on the installation and testing of hollow bar micropiles and soil nails.  This school combines detailed classroom work with hands on field training.  Each attendee is given a textbook covering all the material from drill and grouting to testing the final product.  TEI uses our network to bring the best instructors available to teach our courses.

TEI Hollow Bar Drill School

TEI Hollow Bar Drill School

The course is divided into four parts: drilling, grouting, practical use and testing.  All of this is packed into a 2 ½-day course that will leave you with expanded knowledge of hollow bars and also a new network of colleagues in the drilling field to help grow your business in the future.

The drilling part of the course, as with all parts, begins with a classroom explanation of the main points for installing hollow bars.  A presentation showing what to do and what can go wrong is presented to get attendees familiar with the installation of hollow bars.  An emphasis on quality and attention to detail is present throughout the entire course.  After lunch in the TEI warehouse all attendees are encouraged to use the HEM excavator drills to build on what was taught earlier in the classroom.  There is plenty of time for everyone to get as much time on the drills as desired.

TEI Hollow Bar Drill School

TEI Hollow Bar Drill School Day 1

The grouting portion of the hollow bar school is taught by Eberhard Heinzemann of GSS Titan in Panama City, Panama.  Eberhard is well known in the industry not just for his expertise in all forms of grouting but also his extensive knowledge of hollow bars.  We are honored to have Eberhard share his knowledge with all of the attendees.  As with the drill rigs there are two grout plants for all attendees to get themselves dirty and familiar with grouting.

The practical portion consists of contractor case studies and “walking” through a job from beginning to end, demonstrating how to bid, win, construct and complete a hollow bar job.  The case studies are presented by contractors installing the hollow bar system either for earth retention or micropiles for foundation repair.  These case studies are very informative and always give rise to long discussions.

And of course no job is complete without testing verification of the completed work.  Top engineers are brought to Montrose to instruct students on the proper methods of testing micropiles and soil nails.  TEI keeps it’s own testing equipment calibrated and on site so that this extremely important area of construction is never overlooked.

Come to TEI this June 3-5 to experience the wealth of information dispersed during the annual TEI Hollow Bar School.  You will leave with better information for your business and with lots of new friends with the same interests as you.

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TEI Rock Drills prepares for ConExpo

TEAM TEI is packing our bags and heading to Las Vegas for the ConExpo trade show.  TEI is located in booth #30340 in the upper Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Most of the TEI line of excavator drills and limited access drills will be on display.  There will be a TD75 electric/hydraulic limited access foundation drill on display and under power. [Read more...]

TEAM TEI at ConExpo March 4-8, 2014

2014 is a special year because the largest construction expo in the Americas is held this year, the ConExpo.  TEAM TEI will be in Las Vegas this March 4-8 to exhibit our current drilling products and introduce a few new products.  In booth #30340 at ConExpo TEI will exhibit the HEM excavator drill and the MME mini-excavator drill as well as our full line of patented drifters and rotary heads.  New this year is the TE1000.  That’s right the largest drifter made by TEI Rock Drills.  The TE1000 is designed to install up to the 103mm hollow bars.  The popular limited access drill TD75 will be under power and available for demonstrations in the booth.  And of course there will be food, fun and music for happy hour every day in TEI booth #30340. [Read more...]

TEI World of Concrete 2014 Preview

TEI will be at the World of Concrete Expo in Las Vegas January 21-24, 2014. On display will be our excavator drills, man-portable drills and the latest hydraulic drifters. Join us in booth #S11527! TEI will be in the south hall as usual so please make plans to stop by and take a break from the hectic pace of the expo. We will have lots of chairs and refreshments for everyone. [Read more...]

2013 Open House Recap

TEI has once again hosted another successful open house this past October 8-10. Attendees came from all over the world to visit the manufacturing plant, learn about the uses of TEI products and watch demonstrations of the new TEI drills. Every night there was a social dinner for all attendees to mingle and get to know each other. The open house is an annual event held every October we hope to see you next year. [Read more...]