About TEI Drilling Attachments

TEI builds true drilling attachments

TEI has been manufacturing drilling attachments in our Colorado factory for over 30 years. During this time there have been many drill manufacturers enter into the attachment market only to abandon it as soon as their large rigs start to sell again. TEI is dedicated to building the best drilling attachments available in the world. The single most important thing to remember about TEI is that we build a true drill attachment; others say they have an attachment or an “excavator drill” but the truth is that these manufacturers simply take an excavator and make it into a drill rig. There is no excavator left when these people are done mounting their drills. The TEI attachment is the only attachment that, with a quick connect, can go from drilling to digging in 15 minutes or less. We use only the hammer circuit of the excavator making no modification to the excavator whatsoever. This makes it possible to use rental excavators wherever your job takes you; try doing that with any other excavator mounted drill.

What does my excavator need to run a drill?

As previously mentioned, TEI does not modify the excavator to attach one of our drills. However, the excavator does need to have an auxiliary hydraulic circuit to supply oil flow to the drill. This circuit must be a hammer or breaker circuit with a low-pressure return to tank line. Thumb kits will not work. A thumb kit has too much pressure. It is the responsibility of the customer to make certain the excavator has the required hammer circuit. TEI technicians will not modify the excavator hydraulics. Our drills ship with JIC thread on the pressure, return and case drain hydraulic lines. Please purchase a set of quick couplers to match your excavator. Doing this will save you and our technician the time of finding these at the last minute. Skid steer mounted drills use the existing auxiliary hydraulics on the machine. The HCM drills are built with a universal mounting plate used by all skid steer manufacturers. Simply remove the bucket and attach the drill. As with the excavator drills, please purchase a set of hydraulic quick couplers to match the ones on the skid steer loader. This saves a day of running around trying to find quick couplers. A case drain line is required for TEI drilling attachments. The HAWE valves used by TEI require this to keep the backpressure to a minimum. A case drain hose size of 3/8” for the MME/MP and ½” for the HCM/HEM is required. Electrical power is required for all excavator-mounted drills to power the radio remote control. This is a heavy-duty cable that is shipped with the drill. It is installed at the fuse box and run down the boom of the excavator to the valve box of the drill.

How do I hook up my new drilling attachment?

Drilling attachment ready for shipment

Drill attachment ready to ship

Shortly after your drill arrives via truck freight a TEI technician will make arrangements to spend a day or two training you on drill installation, operation and maintenance. Please remember that our technicians are there to get your drill up and running, they are not drilling instructors and cannot be expected to show the contractor how to do his work.


Typical components shipped with TEI drills

This image shows typical components shipped with the drill and includes radio transmitter, power cable to run the radio directly to the valve box, power cable for 24V or 12V to hydraulic valves, drill bit grease, high temperature grease and a grease gun. This will be attached to the pallet along with any tooling ordered with the drill.

After mounting the drilling attachment to the excavator or skid steer loader the Tech will check your supply and return pressure to ensure proper operation of the drill. Note that maximum allowable backpressure for the hydraulic circuit is 300 PSI. Maximum supply pressure is between 1800 and 3000 PSI depending on the model purchased. If there is a problem with the performance of the drill the Tech will check your oil flow with a flow meter to verify flow. After this is done he will install the electric cable to the valves. Once everything is ready the Tech will test the drill then drill a few holes to check operation. After the drill is ready it will be time for you or your employees to train on the operation and maintenance of the drill.
drilling attachment for excavators It is our desire to provide the drilling contractor with reliable equipment to facilitate the improvement of their business. If you have any questions please call or email one of us. We will be glad to take the time and listen to your problems and concerns, then offer a TEI solution that works for everyone.

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